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This guide will show you how to install audio game manager and get some games running on the mac.


This set of instructions may not work for everyone. This has been tested on Catalina and Big Sur. Not all games will work. After the Catalina update, most of the 32-bit support has been removed. This uses wine-crossover, which has 32-bit support but is bigger, and has issues with 64-bit wine prefixes, as far as I know. The only 64-bit game is sequence storm. The automation we use with xdotool is not supported on mac, some installers will require manual intervention.


Install Xcode from the mac AppStore. Search for Xcode and install. Beware that Xcode is over 1gb in size and may take a while on some connections.

Open terminal from the utilities folder, and run the following command to install the command line developer tools.

xcode-select --install

And follow the prompts.

a Note About Gatekeeper

Gatekeeper must be disabled for audiogame-manager to work correctly. Run the following command to disable gatekeeper.

sudo spctl --master-disable

Install homebrew, which is a package manager for the mac that allows you to install unix apps. Learn more Here To install homebrew, run the following command in the terminal.

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

Run the following command to install the essential packages.

brew install bash cliclick coreutils gawk wget dialog unix2dos grep

Run the following commands to install wine and winetricks. First add the tap:

brew tap gcenx/wine

Then install Wine:

brew cask install --no-quarantine wine-crossover

Then install winetricks:

brew install winetricks

Getting audiogame-manager

You can download the binary version of audiogame-manager from Patrons have access to the source code and other convenience scripts including:


In the terminal, switch to the folder where audiogame-manager has been downloaded (Usually Downloads)

cd ~/Downloads

Now make it executable, you'll only have to do this once.

chmod +x audiogame-manager.mac


View help by running:

./audiogame-manager.mac -h

Voiceover Tip:

Voiceover will not always read well in dialogs in the terminal. To get around this, when going up or down, and you hear the letter announced, up and down or down and up respectively should then correctly read what is highlighted.

Installing a game

You can install a new game by running:

./audiogame-manager.mac -i

Select the game and press enter.

Launching A Game

Run audiogame-manager without any flags to launch a game.


Working Games

Here is a short list of working games, this list will be updated.

List Of Games That Don't Work (Yet)

These games do not work as of yet, but work is in progress on mac support and hopefully these games will be working soon.