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Install Audiogame Manager

This project is a configuration tool to help prepare your Linux system for the audiogame-manager program. Audiogame-manager makes it possible to install and play a wide variety of audiogames with Wine.

Wine is not the only required package for the majority of games to work. Because of multiple package management systems across distributions, audiogame-manager itself leaves system configuration up to the end user. This project aims to fill in the gap. when you run, if your system is supported, it will be automatically detected and the correct packages will be installed.


There are so many different distributions out there that I will not be able to support all of them on my own. I have attempted to write the code in such a way that adding to it will be quite easy. So, if your system is not supported, and you are knowledgeable with its packagement and internal workings, you are strongly urged to help by adding setup code. Please do follow the existing format of the file.